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Retirement Consulting

Tridium Actuarial Solutions provides consultation to assist businesses resolve various pension and benefits issues. From risk management, regulatory compliance, plan governance, plan design, to plan administration, we collaborate with you to develop strategies to manage your pension plans.

Financial Risk Management

We work with individuals to manage financial risks and plan for retirement. Our services include but not limited to:

  • Commuted value calculations
  • Retirement estimates
  • Annuity purchase
  • Present value calculations
  • Cash flow projections
  • Investment performance reivew

Actuarial Evidence

Pension division on marriage breakdown can be complicated and emotional. Different provinces may have different laws on how to divide pension benefits. For example, under the BC Family Law Act, pension benefits are family property. As such, when you separate, you and your spouse are entitled to a share of the pension benefits that either of you had accumulated while you were living together. We can work out your fair share of pension entitlements.

In Canada, it is against the law to charge interest at an annual effective rate (calculated in accordance with generally accepted actuarial practices) that exceeds 60% of the credit advanced. Interest includes all charges and expenses paid or payable for the advancing of credit under an agreement or arrangement by or on behalf of the borrower. We can verify whether the annual effective interest rate you paid exceeds the criminal interest rate.

As an employee in Canada, your rights are protected by both the provincial Employment Standards and the federal labour standards. These laws help to hold employers accountable when they terminate your employment without legal cause and without reasonable notice (wrongful dismissal). We can calculate the value of your loss of income and pension benefits resulting from a wrongful dismissal.

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance protects a portion of your income in the event that a medical condition renders you unable to work. If you are on LTD claim, your insurer may offer to give you a lump sum settlement in exchange for your monthly benefits and cancel your disability insurance policy. We can determine the lump sum value of your LTD benefits to assist you in negotiating with your insurer.

If you are injured from a motor vehicle accident, work related accidents, or medical negligence, you may sustain injuries and incur financial losses. We perform present values calculations of your financial losses from past and future income loss, cost of future care, and income tax gross-up and investment management fee related to your specific situation.

In the event of a fatal accident resulting from motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents, or medical negligence, you can pursue personal injury damages through a wrongful death claim. This type of claim allows family members of a deceased to collect compensation for damages incurred by the loss of life. We provide calculations of the present values of past and future loss of financial support, loss of household services, and income tax gross-up and investment management fee related to your specific situation.